Code Development Coordination


The Administration Committee (“Committee”) is taking the lead to facilitate and strengthen code coordination efforts among the various participating chapters, organizations and jurisdictions in California (“CA”). It is the Committee’s goal that increasing collaboration among the various participating CA chapters, organizations and jurisdictions regarding code change proposals will help ensure that the voices of all CA Governmental Member Voting Representatives ("GMVR") are uniform and consistent. As such, the Committee believes that these efforts will help to enable CA to have a significant impact on the code development process at the national level. The Committee looks forward to working with participating members and interested parties in supporting these efforts and helping to make CA once again become a leader in the code development process.


If you or the chapter, organization and jurisdiction that you represent would like to participate with the Committee’s code coordination effort, the following steps should be taken:

  • Reach out to the Committee Chairperson. Contact information is located on the Administration Committee webpage.

  • Ensure that you or the group you represent are registered as a Governmental Member Voting Representative. Log onto the ICC Website to verify your voting status and encourage others to do the same.


The shared online excel file for code coordination above is made available to all chapters, organizations and jurisdictions in CA to enable participants to work together collaboratively. It consolidates the recommended positions on the various code change proposals by Committee members assigned as a representative to a participating chapter, organization and jurisdiction in CA. Although viewable by anyone, it is only editable by Committee members. It should be noted that while the document it is made publicly available, it should NOT be relied upon or utilized for any other purpose. As a working document, it may change significantly in subsequent versions as it is constantly being updated by Committee members.