Administration Committee


The Administration Committee (“Committee”) focus on topics or issues relevant to the daily operation and administration of a building and safety organization. Building department administration topics or issues that may be discussed includes, but not limited to, the following: training, education and certification; code development and adoption; budget, finance and fee; technology enhancement; record management; staffing; standardize forms or handouts; procedure and policy; uniform application, enforcement and interpretation of the administrative sections of the CCR Title 24 Regulations; and other pertinent administration topics or issues of interest to the members. The Committee may periodically become involved with activities and events in an effort to promote the status of the Chapter as well as to improve the social interaction and networking among the members. Members interested in participating in this Committee should contact the Chairperson (see contact information below). 


The Committee is currently working on and/or discussing the following topics or issues:

  • Triennial Code Adoption for 2019 California Building Standards Code  (COMPLETED)
  • ICC Code Development Cycle for the 2021 I-Codes – CAH/PCH Group B (see Code Coordination webpage for additional information)  (IN PROGRESS)
  • Training on ICC Code Development (IN PROGRESS)

Please refer to the meeting agendas or minutes (as they become available) for the latest information or status on the Committee’s activities (see meeting minutes below).


Truong Huynh, P.E., C.B.O. 

General Superintendent of Development Services 

Jurisdiction:  City of Long Beach, Building and Safety Bureau 

Phone:  562-570-6921 


Board Liaison:  Shahen Akelyan



The tentative schedule for future meetings are noted below, including the method to access the online web conference meeting, audio call-in number, and meeting number (access code).

Audio Call-in Number:        408-792-6300 


Date              Time              Meeting Number     Hyperlink

01-16-19      3:00-5:00       285 828 727             Start Your Meeting
​02-13-19      3:00-5:00       287 841 738             Start Your Meeting
03-13-19      3:00-5:00       283 135 035             Start Your Meeting   
03-27-19      3:00-5:00       808 451 685             Start Your Meeting
04-10-19      3:00-5:00       286 589 874             Start Your Meeting

04-17-19      3:00-5:00       286 512 519             Start Your Meeting
04-24-19      3:00-5:00       282 762 148             Start Your Meeting
05-15-19      3:00-5:00       287 430 059             Start Your Meeting
05-29-19      3:00-5:00       803 359 133             Start Your Meeting
06-12-19      3:00-5:00       805 630 369             Start Your Meeting     CANCELED
06-26-19      3:00-5:00       808 849 402             Start Your Meeting     CANCELED
07-24-19      3:00-5:00       282 762 148             Start Your Meeting  
08-28-19      3:00-5:00       809 243 596             Start Your Meeting  
09-25-19      3:00-5:00       806 557 694             Start Your Meeting  
10-09-19      3:00-5:00       807 804 409             Start Your Meeting  
10-16-19      3:00-5:00       808 903 540             Start Your Meeting  
11-13-19      3:00-5:00       TBD                            Start Your Meeting
11-27-19      3:00-5:00       TBD                            Start Your Meeting
12-11-19      3:00-5:00       TBD                            Start Your Meeting


The Committee routinely holds their meeting by online web conference. To participate in the online web conference meeting, choose from following options:   

  • Go to the Meeting Dates and Times section below and click on the “Start Your Meeting” hyperlink.
  • Click here on WebEx, search for “Administration Committee”, click the correct meeting to join; or
  • Request a calendar meeting invite from the Chairperson, accept the invite, and click on “Start Your Meeting” hyperlink embedded in the calendar invite to join.  

​For tutorial or help instruction, click on How to Navigate WebEx Meeting Window or Help Instruction for additional assistance.