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 Dear Los Angeles Basin Chapter Members and Stake Holders,

As most of you know, due to the recent developments and risks regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, we have canceled our March monthly meeting. Also, we have put a hold on our upcoming training sessions until further notice.

At this point, the Board will continue working with our membership by communicating via email, phone, social media.

Within the last couple of days we have been in contact with many of you, exchanging information on how the Building Departments handle their operations due to the COVID-19 outbreak. We also acknowledged that each jurisdiction has its own unique operation and a single standard approach will not be suitable to all.

On the Chapter Facebook page we have initiated discussion, which you an access here:

The purpose of this page is to create a platform, where the ICC LABC Members can ask questions and share their Best Practices on Building Department operations. We do appreciate our Members input, and while we are looking for active feedback on this page, we would like to ask if you can stay within the topic and discuss the issues strictly related to the Building Departments' operation.

Stay safe and healthy,

Ara Sargsyan

2020 ICC LABC President

Whats New? 

LARUCP Code Amendments have been updated 

ICC Announcements and Calendar of Upcoming Dates:

Check out the  Coronavirus Response Center Page

Here are some key links:

Code Council White Paper: Considerations for Reopening Following the COVID-19 Pandemic: Code Department Operations (5/1/20)


·         Document – “Considerations for Moving Permitting and Plan Review Online”

·         Free Webinar – ''Moving Permitting and Plan Review Online"


·         ICC Publication - Recommended Practices for Remote Virtual Inspection

·         Document – “Considerations for Virtual and Remote Inspections”

·         Free Webinar – “Options for Virtual and Remote Inspections"

Call for Committees 2021-2022 Code Development Cycle application deadline is June 1

Applications are being accepted until June 1 for the following Committees. 

·         2021/2022 Code Committees – responsible for the review and evaluation of code change proposals submitted to the 2021 I-Codes.

·         2021/2022/2023 Code Interpretation Committees – provide technical support for adopting jurisdictions by processing official interpretations for the I-Codes.

·         2021/2022/2023 Code Correlation Committee – responsible for evaluating matters of consistency, coordination and format in the I-Codes.

The 2021/2022 Code Development Schedule is now available. View here.

.         The digital errata have been incorporated into the digital versions of the CA      codes that ICC publishes.  If you go here, you’ll see the banner “integrated with the January 2020 errata.”

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