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Welcome to the Structural Code Committee.

The primary purpose of the Structural Code Committee is to serve and benefit its members. To this end, the Structural Code Committee provides a forum for the exchange, consideration, and discussion of ideas and proposals that are relevant to the construction industry, structural design community, and the building and safety professionals who are actively engaged in the enforcement and applications of the code.

The structural code committee focuses on issues relevant to the structural design of buildings and structures. Topics discussed may include, but not limited to, structural amendments to the model building code, structural plan review checklists, etc. Unless noted otherwise by the committee chairperson, the committee meets at the LA County Public Works building in Alhambra. Date and time for the meeting is determined by the chairperson.

The Structural Code Committee is actively involved in the review and analysis of the 2015 IBC and IRC. This task will culminated in the development of the 2016 LARUCP Recommended Technical Amendments. The Committee will develop structural plan review checklists and information bulletins to reflect the new code to assist the membership in the uniform enforcement and application of the structural provisions promulgated in the building codes and material standards. Refer to the "Library" webpage for these documents (when they become available).


Gregory Bowser, S.E.

Building Plans Examiner 

Jurisdiction:  City of Long Beach, Building and Safety Bureau

Phone:  562-570-6834


Board Liaison:  Shahen Akelyan

Structural Plan Review Checklists

Structural Documents

LARUCP Technical Amendments