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 We would like to thank the following Sponsors for their outstanding year round support and contribution toward the chapter and annual business meeting:

The sponsors for
this event are:

2017 Diamond Sponsors

2017 Platinum Sponsors

017 Gold Sponsors

2017 Silver Sponsors

2017 Bronze Sponsors



Job Bulletin Summary

Please go to the "Job Bulletin" webpage for more information.


Position: Building Maintainer
Employer: City of Torrance

Date Posted: 8-01-2017

Date Expiring: 8-15-2017

Position: Building Inspector I or II
Employer: City of Norwalk

Date Posted: 7-10-2017

Date Expiring: 7-27-2017

Position: Public Works Inspector
Employer: City of Torrance

Date Posted: 7-11-2017

Date Expiring: 8-01-2017

Position: Building Official
Employer: City of Yorba Linda

Date Posted: 7-05-2017

Date Expiring: Open until filled

Position: Combination Building Inspector
Employer: City of Santa Ana

Date Posted: 7-03-2017

Date Expiring: Open until filled

Position: Senior Plan Check Engineer
Employer: City of West Hollywood

Date Posted: 6-19-2017

Date Expiring: 7-07-2017

Position: Senior Civil Engineer
Employer: City of Long Beach

Date Posted: 6-09-2017
Date Expiring: 6-23-2017

Position: Building Engineering Inspector
Employer: County of Los Angeles Public Works

Date Posted: 5-30-2017
Date Expiring: Continuous

Position: Senior Building Engineering Inspector
Employer: County of Los Angeles
Public Works
Date Posted: 5-30-2017
Date Expiring: Continuous

Sponsorship Program

Beginning in 2010, the ICC Los Angeles Basin Chapter initiated a Sponsorship Program which allows interested companies, organizations or individuals the opportunity to gain recognition and exposure at a Chapter event. The type of events that may be open to sponsorship include, but not limited to, the Chapter's Annual Business Meeting and Installation Banquet, picnics, trainings or seminars, other social activities or events, etc. Sponsorship funds will be used to support the designated event or activity.   

Sponsors will be recognized throughout the day of the event by the Board of Directors. In addition, the Chapter will show it's appreciation by providing the following:

  • Sponsors' company or individual names will be printed on a banner prepared by the Chapter to be displayed at the event.
  • Sponsors' company or individual names will be printed on any promotional material distributed to the Chapter's membership.
  • Sponsors' company or individual names will be displayed on the Chapter's webpage that announced or promoted an event, if such a webpage is created for the event (e.g., Annual Business Meeting and Installation Banquet).
  • Sponsors will be thanked and receive honorable mention during the course of the event.

The Board of Directors will inform interested companies, organizations or individuals when a designated Chapter event or activity is open to receiving sponsorship.  Please feel free to contact the Board at any time if you wish to sponsor a Chapter event or activity.

The following information provided below outlines the Chapter's policy on sponsorship.

1.0 LOGO.
Sponsors wishing to submit their company's logo for posting to the Chapter's event webpage (if one is created) and/or printed material should submit it electronically on CD or by E-mail at least 14 days before the expected event or activity to allow time for the Chapter to review and process the request. All sponsors' logo, if any is submitted, must be created by the sponsors. The logo file requirements and limitations are as follows: 

  • File size shall not exceed 100k and be limited to exactly 195x80 pixels. 
  • File format must be in JPEG, GIF, TIFF, or PNG. 

2.0 POSITION. Sponsors' position on the Chapter’s event webpage or other printed material will be listed on a first come first serve basis.

3.0 AMOUNT. Sponsorship amounts varies but are limited to those reflected on the "Online Payment" webpage.

4.0 PAYMENT. Payment must be received in full prior to the final due date as established by the Board of Directors before for the sponsorship request can be accepted. To facilitate the ease of payment, the Chapter recommends that payments be made through the "Online Payment" webpage. Remittance of payment can also be done by check and made payable to: “ICC Los Angeles Basin Chapter”. Payment should be sent to: 

Los Angeles Basin Chapter of the ICC
P.O. Box 1099
Alhambra, CA 91802

5.0 CONTACT INFORMATION. For more information on the Sponsorship Program, please e-mail the Board Treasurer at