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Inspection Committee

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Job Bulletin Summary

Please go to the "Job Bulletin" webpage for more information.


Position: Building Maintainer
Employer: City of Torrance

Date Posted: 8-01-2017

Date Expiring: 8-15-2017

Position: Building Inspector I or II
Employer: City of Norwalk

Date Posted: 7-10-2017

Date Expiring: 7-27-2017

Position: Public Works Inspector
Employer: City of Torrance

Date Posted: 7-11-2017

Date Expiring: 8-01-2017

Position: Building Official
Employer: City of Yorba Linda

Date Posted: 7-05-2017

Date Expiring: Open until filled

Position: Combination Building Inspector
Employer: City of Santa Ana

Date Posted: 7-03-2017

Date Expiring: Open until filled

Position: Senior Plan Check Engineer
Employer: City of West Hollywood

Date Posted: 6-19-2017

Date Expiring: 7-07-2017

Position: Senior Civil Engineer
Employer: City of Long Beach

Date Posted: 6-09-2017
Date Expiring: 6-23-2017

Position: Building Engineering Inspector
Employer: County of Los Angeles Public Works

Date Posted: 5-30-2017
Date Expiring: Continuous

Position: Senior Building Engineering Inspector
Employer: County of Los Angeles
Public Works
Date Posted: 5-30-2017
Date Expiring: Continuous

Welcome to the Inspection Committee.

The inspection committee focuses on issues relevant to the daily inspection and enforcement of construction activities in the field.  Topics discussed may include, but not limited to, deputy inspection, structural observation, standardize inspection correction list, disaster preparedness, inspection training, etc.  The committee meets on an as needed basis.  Unless noted otherwise by the committee chairperson, the committee generally meets at the City of Alhambra, Development Services Conference Room. 

Chairperson: Sparky Cohen, CBO
Title: Building Official
Jurisdiction: City of Calabasas
Address: 100 Civic Center Way, Calabasas, CA 91302
Phone: 818-224-1721
Board Liaison: Jesse De Anda

2011/08/29 Meeting Minutes - Inspection Committee


Small PV Administrative Information
2016 Inspection Committee - a Small PV Bulletin Program Cover Page 5-24-16.pdf
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Small PV Bulletin and Information   
2016 Inspection Committee - c Bulletin 1.pdf
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2016 Inspection Committee - e Bulletin 3.pdf
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2016 Inspection Committee - f Bulletin 4.pdf
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2016 Inspection Committee - g Bulletin 5.pdf
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2016 Inspection Committee - h Bulletin 6.pdf
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2016 Inspection Committee - i Bulletin 7.pdf
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Small PV Training Materials
2016 Inspection Committee - m Available Training Part 1.pdf
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2016 Inspection Committee - n Available Training Part 2.pdf
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