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Code Forum

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Job Bulletin Summary

Please go to the "Job Bulletin" webpage for more information.


Position: Building Maintainer
Employer: City of Torrance

Date Posted: 8-01-2017

Date Expiring: 8-15-2017

Position: Building Inspector I or II
Employer: City of Norwalk

Date Posted: 7-10-2017

Date Expiring: 7-27-2017

Position: Public Works Inspector
Employer: City of Torrance

Date Posted: 7-11-2017

Date Expiring: 8-01-2017

Position: Building Official
Employer: City of Yorba Linda

Date Posted: 7-05-2017

Date Expiring: Open until filled

Position: Combination Building Inspector
Employer: City of Santa Ana

Date Posted: 7-03-2017

Date Expiring: Open until filled

Position: Senior Plan Check Engineer
Employer: City of West Hollywood

Date Posted: 6-19-2017

Date Expiring: 7-07-2017

Position: Senior Civil Engineer
Employer: City of Long Beach

Date Posted: 6-09-2017
Date Expiring: 6-23-2017

Position: Building Engineering Inspector
Employer: County of Los Angeles Public Works

Date Posted: 5-30-2017
Date Expiring: Continuous

Position: Senior Building Engineering Inspector
Employer: County of Los Angeles
Public Works
Date Posted: 5-30-2017
Date Expiring: Continuous

Welcome to the ICC Los Angeles Basin Chapter Code Forum

The purpose of the Chapter's code forum is to bring an open discussion among the Chapter's members and stake holders. This open "community" forum is here for you to discuss relevant issues within the Chapter as well as comment on ideas to improve the Chapter’s performance and its membership outreach. The forum will serve as a technical forum whereby all current dues paying chapter members can post technical questions regarding code related applications and administration procedures pertaining to permit process and enforcement.

How to Obtain Registration to the Code Forum

Any individual can view the discussion on the code forum webpage, but only current dues paying members can participate in the discussion thread and post comments or ask questions. If you are not currently a dues paying member, please go to the "Members" webpage.

To begin the registration process, please follow the steps outlined below:

1. Go to the Code Forum webpage by clicking on the link located at the bottom of this webpage.  Alternatively, you can go to

2.  Once you are on the Code Forum website, please click on the "Log In" link located at the upper right corner of the webpage.

3. Select the "Not registered? Sign up now!" link and follow the instruction to create a user name and password.

4. After the creation of your user name and password, this information will be forward to the Board to confirm your current dues paying membership status.

5. Once your membership status is confirmed, you will receive an approval notice via email. Approved users can then begin to post to the code forum website.

Forum Guidelines

Although candor is a great advantage of having a code forum, inappropriate posting is a responsibility we as a group shall share. Here is a set of guidelines to follow while engaging in discussion.

1.  Keep the language clean; abusive, discriminatory, harassing, inflammatory, profane, pornographic, or offensive (collectively referred to as "inappropriate") language or materials shall be investigated for appropriateness by the Board.

2.  If you have a different point of view than is expressed in a posting, keep your opinion fact-based and free from personal insults.

3.  You can provide links to websites only if the link is there to help your point of view.  If it's not relevant to the forum, don't link it.

4.  Threats of any kind will not be tolerated and will be investigated by the Board.

Lets us work together to keep this forum open so that the Chapter can grow through the sharing of its membership’s expertise and ideas.

                                    Join the Code Forum