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Job Bulletin Summary

Please go to the "Job Bulletin" webpage for more information.


Position: Building Inspectors
Employer: CA Code Check

Date Posted: 8-21-2017

Date Expiring: 10-31-2017

Position: Building Plan Check Engineer
Employer: CA Code Check

Date Posted: 8-21-2017

Date Expiring: 10-31-2017

Position: Building Plans Examiner
Employer: CA Code Check

Date Posted: 8-21-2017

Date Expiring: 10-31-2017

Position: Building Maintainer
Employer: City of Torrance

Date Posted: 8-01-2017

Date Expiring: 8-15-2017

Position: Building Inspector I or II
Employer: City of Norwalk

Date Posted: 7-10-2017

Date Expiring: 7-27-2017

Position: Public Works Inspector
Employer: City of Torrance

Date Posted: 7-11-2017

Date Expiring: 8-01-2017

Position: Building Official
Employer: City of Yorba Linda

Date Posted: 7-05-2017

Date Expiring: Open until filled

Position: Combination Building Inspector
Employer: City of Santa Ana

Date Posted: 7-03-2017

Date Expiring: Open until filled

Position: Senior Plan Check Engineer
Employer: City of West Hollywood

Date Posted: 6-19-2017

Date Expiring: 7-07-2017

Position: Senior Civil Engineer
Employer: City of Long Beach

Date Posted: 6-09-2017
Date Expiring: 6-23-2017

Position: Building Engineering Inspector
Employer: County of Los Angeles Public Works

Date Posted: 5-30-2017
Date Expiring: Continuous

Position: Senior Building Engineering Inspector
Employer: County of Los Angeles
Public Works
Date Posted: 5-30-2017
Date Expiring: Continuous

Position: Plan Check Engineer
Employer: City of El Segundo

Date Posted: 5-18-2017

Date Expiring: Continuous. 1st round applications reviewed
on 9-05-20117.

This website is dedicated to facilitating access and sharing of information about the Chapter and the building and safety profession. Our Board, committees and supporting members are making every effort to maintain the website and to keep the information up-to-date, relevant and engaging. Visitors should periodically visit the Chapter's website to review the latest information as it becomes available. Your support and participation in helping the Chapter meet it's objectives is appreciated. Please contact the Board if you have any comments or questions. Thank you for visiting the Chapter's website.


 In 1957 our founding members established one of the earliest chapters of the International Conference of Building Officials and now the International Code Council. Today our Chapter has grown to over eighty nine Southern California jurisdictions, plus consulting firms and members of the construction industry. When ICBO merged with two other building official organizations to create the International Code Council, the Los Angeles Basin Chapter officially became an ICC Chapter in December 2002.

With the recent change of the model codes from the Uniform Building Codes to the International Building Codes, the ICC Los Angeles Basin Chapter has been very active throughout the years in leading the effort to create uniformity of building codes and regulations in the entire Los Angeles region as well as addressing policy issues of interest to building officials and the construction industry.

One such effort to promote uniformity of building regulations is through the Los Angeles Regional Uniform Code Program (LARUCP). The LARUCP program began in July 1999 with the purpose of developing uniform interpretations and handouts to serve as guidelines for building officials, contractors, engineers and architects in the consistent application of the codes. The mission of this program was to minimize the number of and to develop uniformity in local technical amendments to model codes for adoption by jurisdictions in the greater Los Angeles region. With the cooperation of many jurisdictions in the region, this resulted in an exciting regulatory streamlining effort that:

1. Created uniformity of building, plumbing, mechanical and electrical codes in most of the jurisdictions in the region.

2. Reduced the total number of local amendments to the codes from over 1000 to less than 50 (96% reduction in local amendments).

3. Has received support from 85 jurisdictions representing over 98% of the population in Los Angeles County.

4. With construction valuation of over $5 billion in the region, conservatively assuming that this program produces a 1% construction cost savings, there resulted in an estimated cost saving of $50 million per year.

5. Collected various productivity awards such as the:

   a. 2000 National Association of Counties Achievement Award 
   b. 1999 City of Los Angeles Productivity Improvement Award 
   c. 1999 Los Angeles County Productivity and Quality Award 
   d. 1999 ICBO Chapter Award for Special Meritorious Achievement

The most recent effort to streamline uniformity of technical amendments to the model code during the 2010 code adoption year was achieved through the efforts of the Chapter’s various committees. Dedicated members of these committees helped to develop the 2010 LARUCP Recommended Technical Amendments. The recommendations contained in that document served to ensure improved performances of buildings and structures in the greater Los Angeles region and its members found value to incorporating it into their local code. A copy of this and other documents can be found on the "Library" webpage.

To further promote the uniform application of the code regulations, the Chapter continues to develope and/or update various documents such as the plan review checklists or information bulletins to assist local building officials and their staff to ensure compliance with current California Building Codes. Current dues paying members of the Chapter can obtain the electronic version of these documents whereby they can insert their jurisdiction’s logo and have it modified for their specific needs.

Through the hard work and dedication of our members, the Chapter re-established existing committees as well as initiated new one. These committees will continue to further the goal of the Chapter by providing a forum for members to discuss, review and address issues or topics relevant to our profession. To learn more about these committees, please refer to the "Committees" webpage.

The ICC Los Angeles Basin Chapter and the Los Angeles Regional Uniform Code Program have been instrumental in supporting and educating building and safety staff, construction and design professionals throughout the Los Angeles basin area. Throughout the year, the Chapter will have many informative monthly meetings and hold a number of training classes to assist local building officials and their staff to become informed of all the new changes to the building codes. Dedicated members have helped the Chapter to provide valuable training and education, not only to our Chapter, but other fellow Chapters within the Southern California region. A Chapter is only as effective as its members, so we are proud to say that our members have tremendously helped us in serving our community!

The Chapter’s Monthly Business meetings are generally held the second Thursday of every month at the Los Angeles County Public Works Building in Alhambra. Please check the "Events" webpage for the latest meeting schedule and location.


Any correspondence or payment by check to the Chapter can be sent to the following address:

     Los Angeles Basin Chapter of the ICC
     PO Box 1099
     Alhambra, CA 91803


To contact the Board of Directors, please go to the "Board of Directors" webpage.